Many homes in Tucson are wood frame stucco . Often the tops of the walls on Territorial style homes ( parrapet walls ) built of wood frame stucco need repairs and waterproofing. If large cracks in stucco allow water into the wall system this can cause problems with windows and doors, as well as mold and mildew problems.  

     We do these repairs and waterproofing with elastomeric materials which are much more flexible than cementatious mateials often used to repair masonry. Elastomeric paints can be tinted to match existing colors. Fabric  re-inforcement may be needed in some situations. We may also use synthetic stucco.

      We use siliconized calk and/or Elastomeric crack and joint compound reinforced with chopped polyester on all large openings as well as high stress areas. ( corners, wall intersections, metal cap fasteners, etc....) After all the large voids are repaired, and high stress areas reinforced 2 coats of Elastomeric wall coatings are applied. Continuous polyester fabric may be installed in severe situations. Elastomeric wall coatings can be tinted to match existing wall colors.