Any shingle roof system can have the Lifetime Elastomeric Polyester Reinforced Coating roof system installed  on it. ( A SHINGLE ROOF SHOULD NEVER BE COATED WITHOUT A RE-INFORCEMENT!! It will leak !! )This revolutionary process uses Elastomeric products coupled with Polyester Mesh to create a new roof system over an existing roof system which may be at the end of its service life. Since Shingles are attached with nails ( thousands, and thousands) the new Lifetime Polyester Reinforced Coating system which creates a single continuous membrane over the entire roof is very secure.

    When switching from a " Shasta White" shingle to a white elastomeric coating a home owner should expect a 10-20 % energy savings on electric during summer months. Darker shingles even more energy savings. Some home owners have reported as much as 10 degree cooler inside temperatures when using their swamp coolers.

    Coating can be tinted any color to match an exterior paint scheme, but the lighter the better for energy savings. Or if an owner prefers, any latex exterior paint can be applied over the elastomeric coating.

    And....No more blown off shingles !!

    With our Lifetime Elastomeric Polyester Reinforced Coating roof system you will never have to worry about your roof again. We provide annual inspections, and repairs. Our Lifetime roof system is possible because we don't do your roof and forget about it. We maintain it through the life of the roof system. ( Lifetime Warranty requires perioodic recoating of the roof by "The RoofGuys" Inc. every 5 yrs if white)